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The core of the building, part 3


gernergernerplus +167

Two weeks ago, architectural studio GernerGernerPlus, the architects of the Triath building, ranked 287th place in the international architects ranking at Baunetz. Now they take place 120! That’s quite a leap. Congratulations!

The core of the building, part 2


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This is the centerpiece of the new building, uncloaked. More images at the Triath Flickr page.

VernissageTV with new website


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VernissageTV art tv has a new website with a clean 3 column design and added functionality (social bookmarking, artist list as tag cloud etc.). Triath will be VernissageTV’s new studio and presentation space (opening scheduled for spring 2008).

The core of the building


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This is the centerpiece of the new building with the sanitary installations and additional technical stuff. More images at the Triath Flickr page

Periscope Architecture – monograph on the architecture of gerner°gerner plus

A monograph on the work of the Vienna based architecture studio gerner°gerner plus has just been published. The book comprises the most important works by Andreas and Gerda Maria Gerner, including Triath. Periscope Architecture. gerner°gerner plus, Holzhausen Verlag, ISBN: 3854931395, Amazon.

Triath building: construction work has begun

Triath is a new building designed by architects gernergernerplus, Vienna. The construction of the building has begun in May 2007, the official opening is scheduled for spring 2008.

Triath will house the offices of design consultants Enrico Sitelli and the studio / presentation room of Internet TV station and art tv project Vernissage TV.

Photos and videos of the construction process can be found at YouTube ( and Flickr (